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Optelec ClearReader+ Advanced

Would you like to view your daily newspaper magnified as it is read aloud by a naturally sounding voice? Are you searching for a device that magnifies and reads any documents within a matter of seconds?

Expand the scan and read functionality

Rediscover the joy of reading. Scan and magnify your post or favorite magazines instantly using your monitor with the ClearReader+ Advanced. Use the convenient feature pack to listen to news, view images or read handwritten notes.

Optimal reading

By the press of a button, the ClearReader+ Advanced changes the appearance of any printed text to your preferences. The formatted text will offer you an optimal reading comfort.

Easy navigation

Select the text of your interest by simply navigating with the easily recognizable buttons. The ClearReader+ Advanced automatically identifies paragraphs and columns to help you navigate faster within the text.

Save and retrieve documents

With the ClearReader+ Advanced you have the option to save your post or interesting articles for later reference. Archive single and multiple page documents and access them when needed by using the special large font menu.

Quick voice selection

With the ClearReader+ Advanced you can choose between 59 available high-quality, naturally sounding male and female voices in 31 different languages to read text alound. By using the easy to operate buttons, you can match the language of your document with that of your unit easily.

Alternative products

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Then take a look at the ClearView C Speech


For a full list of specifications and manual, check out the downloads below.


Frequently asked questions

  • What languages are supported?

    The languages and reading voices listed in the table below are available on the following Optelec Audio, Text-to-Speech solutions: 

    • ClearReader+ Basic
    • ClearReader+
    • ClearView-C Speech
    Language Reading Voice
    Bulgarian Daria
    Cantonese Sin-Ji
    Catalan Montserrat, Laia
    Czech Zuzana, Eliska
    Danish Sara, Magnus
    Dutch Claire, Daan, Xander
    Dutch (Belgium) Ellen, Jeroen, Zoe
    English (Australian) Karen, Lee, Tyler
    English (British) Daniel, Serena
    English (Scottish) Fiona
    English (Indian) Veena, Deepa
    English (Irish) Moira
    English (US) Ava, Samantha, Tom, Tracy
    Finnish Omni, Sanna
    French Aurelia, Thomas, Margaux
    German Anna, Markus, Petra, Yannick
    Greek Melina, Dimitris
    Hungarian Mariska
    Italian Federica, Luca
    Japanese Kyoko, Otoya, Ayane, Daisuke, Ichiro, Mizuki, Sakura
    Korean Sora, Yuna
    Mandarin (china) Tian-Tian, Bin-Bin, Li-Li
    Mandarin (Taiwan) Mei-Jia
    Norwegian Olav, Bente
    Polish Ewa, Ania
    Portuguese Joana, Celia
    Portuguese (Brazilian) Marcia
    Romanian Ioana
    Russian Milena, Alyona
    Slovak Laura
    Spanish (European) Antonio, Ines
    Spanish (Mexican) Paulina
    Spanish (US) Rosa
    Swedish Elin, Erik
    Swedish (Finland) Samuel
    Turkish Yelda, Ipek
  • My ClearReader+ reading device keeps playing the start-up sound

    Starting up the ClearReader+ reading device takes approximately 40 seconds. During the boot process you will hear a series of beeps. If the beeps continue for more than one minute, you can press and hold the power button for about ten seconds to turn off the device. – After a few seconds – restart the device.

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