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The ClearView C video magnifier with speech supports you in reading newspapers, magazines and documents. The special shape provides a handy space for reading a newspaper, for example.

  • Colours and magnification options are easily adjustable
  • Reading text aloud when reading it yourself becomes too tiring

Screen magnifier

The ClearView C with speech, screen magnifier is a useful tool for people with low vision. Optelec offers various magnification and contrast display options, making reading and viewing photos and documents easier. With simple operation, easy dexterity and even a text-to-speech function, these magnifiers help with everyday tasks at home, work or school.

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About the Optelec ClearView C with speech

The ClearView C with speech is a user-friendly electronic magnifier. Easily magnify text and photos in newspapers, magazines, leaflets and mail. Makes reading and viewing more enjoyable. It is an ideal solution for people with low vision who have difficulty reading, writing or viewing pictures.

Alternative products

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Then take a look at the ClearView C!

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Then look at the Compact 10 mobile electronic magnifier!


For a full overview of the specifications and manual, see the downloads below.


Frequently asked questions

  • What languages are supported?

    The languages and reading voices listed in the table below are available on the following Optelec Audio, Text-to-Speech solutions: 

    • ClearReader+ Basic
    • ClearReader+
    • ClearView-C Speech
    Language Reading Voice
    Bulgarian Daria
    Cantonese Sin-Ji
    Catalan Montserrat, Laia
    Czech Zuzana, Eliska
    Danish Sara, Magnus
    Dutch Claire, Daan, Xander
    Dutch (Belgium) Ellen, Jeroen, Zoe
    English (Australian) Karen, Lee, Tyler
    English (British) Daniel, Serena
    English (Scottish) Fiona
    English (Indian) Veena, Deepa
    English (Irish) Moira
    English (US) Ava, Samantha, Tom, Tracy
    Finnish Omni, Sanna
    French Aurelia, Thomas, Margaux
    German Anna, Markus, Petra, Yannick
    Greek Melina, Dimitris
    Hungarian Mariska
    Italian Federica, Luca
    Japanese Kyoko, Otoya, Ayane, Daisuke, Ichiro, Mizuki, Sakura
    Korean Sora, Yuna
    Mandarin (china) Tian-Tian, Bin-Bin, Li-Li
    Mandarin (Taiwan) Mei-Jia
    Norwegian Olav, Bente
    Polish Ewa, Ania
    Portuguese Joana, Celia
    Portuguese (Brazilian) Marcia
    Romanian Ioana
    Russian Milena, Alyona
    Slovak Laura
    Spanish (European) Antonio, Ines
    Spanish (Mexican) Paulina
    Spanish (US) Rosa
    Swedish Elin, Erik
    Swedish (Finland) Samuel
    Turkish Yelda, Ipek
  • The control panel of my ClearView C video magnifier is not responding. What can I do?

    Have you had the ClearView C video magnifier for a few years? The batteries of the control panel may then be empty. Read below to find out how to replace the batteries.

    Another possibility is that the control panel must be reconnected to the video magnifier. Follow the instructions to re-pair the console.

    Replace the batteries

    To replace the batteries, open the battery compartment on the side of the control panel. Depending on the model, a screw may need to be removed. Place two new button cell batteries (type CR2025) in the compartment. Close the box and the control panel is ready for use again. The control panel needs to be reconnected.

    Replace ClearView C batteries

    Pairing the control panel

    1. Turn the ClearView C off and on again by pressing the power button on the left side of the metal cabinet behind the monitor above the cable connections;
    2. Hold the control panel vertically, with the back against the right side of the metal cabinet;
    3. ClearView C het bedieningspaneel aan zijkant houden
    4. An icon will appear on the screen to indicate that the linking process starts;
    5. Press the on/off button (orange button on the control panel) and the overview function button (blue button) simultaneously for five seconds;
    6. ClearView C de afstandbediening koppelen
    7. If the pairing process was successful, the pairing icon will disappear from the screen.

    If pairing is not successful, the pairing icon will disappear within 30 seconds. Then repeat the above steps. Reasons why it doesn’t work may be:

    • The batteries are empty: read Replacing the batteries;
    • The wrong buttons to start the pairing process have been pressed;
    • The control panel is defective: Please contact the Support department: 0800 1456115 or The control panel will be replaced. If you receive a new console, you will need to re-pair it with your ClearView C (See: Pairing the console.).
  • No image on the ClearView C monitor after it is switched on

    Check if all cables and hardware are connected properly and securely. – Check that the master power switch at the left side of the camera box, behind the monitor, is switched on.

  • None of the buttons on the Clearview C Control Pad work

    Ensure that the batteries of the Control Pad are not empty. The Control Pad batteries last for two to three years. – Make sure the Control Pad is paired with the ClearView C. If not, pair the Control Pad.

    In case the Control Pad is missing or defective, and needs to be replaced with a new Control Pad, the new Control Pad needs to be paired with the ClearView C. To pair the Control Pad follow these steps: 1. Switch the ClearView C on; 2. Hold the Control Pad vertically and hold the bottom of the Control Pad against the right side of the camera box behind the monitor; 3. An icon will appear indicating the start of the pairing procedure; 4. Press the On / Off button and the Overview button simultaneously for five seconds and release the buttons; 5. If the pairing procedure is successful, the pairing icon will disappear; 6. If the ClearView C does not recognize or see the Control Pad, the pairing sequence will be terminated within 30 seconds and the pairing icon will disappear. Repeat steps 1 to 5 until the Control pad is correctly paired. Possible causes for an unsuccessful pairing are: – The batteries of the Control Pad are empty; – The wrong buttons were pressed to initiate the pairing process; – The Control Pad is broken.

  • The image is not in focus on my Clearview C

    If the pencil icon is displayed in the top right corner of the screen, press the Auto-focus button to return to auto-focus mode. – Clean the monitor screen with a non-abrasive cloth.

  • My reading table/reading (X/Y) platform moves with great difficulty. What can I do?

    Make sure the brake slides are positioned towards the outer edges of the table. – Inspect the slides for dust or any other obstructions.

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