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Product categories

  • Braille Displays

    A Braille display is a piece of hardware that turns text on a screen into Braille, generally connecting to a computer or cell phone via USB or Bluetooth. The display uses a system of raising and lowering pins in order to create Braille characters.

  • Desktop video magnifier

    Desktop video magnifiers offer the highest levels of magnification. Those with an X/Y table make navigation of a document easy. Some of our desktop video magnifiers also have text to speech

  • Optical Magnifiers

    Optical magnifiers, also known as magnifying glasses, are essential tools for enhancing visual perception. Employing convex lenses, they enlarge objects, making details more discernible to the human eye. Widely used in various fields such as reading, inspection, and hobbyist activities, these magnifiers come in diverse shapes and sizes to suit different needs

  • Text to speech

    If reading yourself becomes difficult and/or tiring, you can have the text read aloud to you. We have a variety of models that offer text to speech. Some combine magnification and some are dedicated, this normally varies depending on your level of sight.

  • Video Magnifier

    Read again, look at photos or do a hobby. Screen magnifiers provide magnification and optimal contrast. Some magnifiers can also read aloud