Optelec European Power Plugs Exchange Program

With regard to European power adapters that have been supplied with the video magnifiers Optelec Compact miniCompact+Compact 4 HD and Compact 5 HD and sold as a standalone accessory , we have detected a potential safety issue. There is a very rare chance that the European (EU) power plug breaks and a part will remain in the power socket. In this case the connective pins of the EU power plug will be exposed with the risk of an electrical shock on touching these pins.

As quality and product safety is extremely important to us, please take notice of this warning and check if you have an adapter that is affected according to the steps below. If this is the case please order a replacement and immediately replace the current EU power plug with a new and improved EU power plug according to the Instruction Adapter Plug Exchange. In the new and improved EU power plug the connective pins cannot be exposed.  

Note: Other power plugs are not part of this program.


Identifying your power plug

Step 1: Remove the power plug as shown on the below images. Push the removal button of the power plug. Then remove the power plug by sliding it out of the adapter.

Push Remove


Step 2: Look at the back of the power plug and compare it to the images shown below.

Affected power plug 

Affected power plug

Not affected power plug 

Not affected power plug


Step 3: If your power plug contains a screw in the centre of its back as shown on the left image, it is affected. If you have an affected adapter, discontinue use and exchange it for a new one. 
A safe power plug does not feature a screw and does not need to be exchanged. 

An affected product can also be identified based on the serial number. Read more.


The Exchange Process

Contact your local distributor from whom you have purchased your Optelec video magnifier. We will need to verify your video magnifier’s serial number as part of the exchange process so please report the serial number of your unit. The serial number can be found on the sticker on the back of the magnifier and on the packaging.

Find the contact details of your distributor: Optelec distributor list

Note: if you are unable to bring your affected adapter to one of the locations noted above, please contact Optelec to arrange for an exchange.


Additional Information

Instruction Adapter Plug Exchange 
Official Letter - Safety Issue EU Power Plug


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