Identification Serial Number

To know whether your video magnifier is affected by this safety issue, please refer to the unique serial number on the back of the magnifier.


  • Identify the video magnifier you own. The name of the video magnifier is written on the front of the product.
  • Look up whether your serial number is listed between the affected serial numbers below. Match the first four digits of your serial number and identify if the fifth and sixth digits match the range.  


Example 1: You own a Compact mini with serial number CR1213A0234. The first four digits, CR12 is listed below. The fifth and sixth digits, 13 matches the range CR1201A0001 – CR1253A9999. Your unit is affected.

Example 2: You own a Compact 4 HD with serial number CK1530A9999. The first four digits, CK15 is listed below but the fifth and sixth digits do not match the range CK1501A0001 – CK1525A9999. In this case your unit is not affected.

Example 3: You own a Compact+ with serial number CP0924A0100. The first four digits are not listed below meaning that your unit is not affected.


Affected serial numbers


Compact mini

Compact mini

CR1044A0001 – CR1053A9999 / CR1044V0001 – CR1053V9999

CR1101A0001 – CR1153A9999 / CR1101V0001 – CR1153V9999

CR1201A0001 – CR1253A9999 / CR1201V0001 – CR1253V9999

CR1301A0001 – CR1353A9999

CR1401A0001 – CR1453A9999

CR1501A0001 – CR1525A9999




CP1044A0001 – CP1053A9999 / CP1044V0001 – CP1053V9999

CP1101A0001 – CP1153A9999 / CP1101V0001 – CP1153V9999

CP1201A0001 – CP1253A9999 / CP1201V0001 – CP1253V9999

CP1301A0001 – CP1353A9999

CP1401A0001 – CP1453A9999

CP1501A0001 – CP1525A9999


Compact 4 HD

Compact 4 HD

CK1248A0001 – CK1253A9999

CK1301A0001 – CK1353A9999

CK1401A0001 – CK1453A9999

CK1501A0001 – CK1525A9999



Compact 5 HD

Compact 5 HD

CH1201A0001 – CH1253A9999

CH1301A0001 – CH1353A9999

CH1401A0001 – CH1453A9999

CH1501A0001 – CH1525A9999




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