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Eye tumors

What are eye tumors?

Eye tumors are tumors (growths) in the eye. They are not common, but when they are, they often grow on the coloured part of the eye, called the iris, or at the back of the eye. Left untreated, they can seriously threaten not only vision, but also life.

Many eye tumors show no symptoms in the early stages but symptoms occur as the tumor or tumors grow. A quick diagnosis and good treatment are essential in treatment.

Being told that vision is affected can turn the world upside down. When the first emotions subside, the knowledge that one is not alone may provide support. There are many people in the same situation, some who have just been diagnosed themselves and some who have been living with eye tumors for years.

If one experiences visual impairment as a result, there are devices available to help with tasks that people have difficulty with. These aids can provide support with tasks that require vision and can help you continue to lead a full and independent life.

Image of vision without and with eye tumors
Left: normal vision. Right: view with eye tumors

What can one expect from eye tumors?

There are many treatment methods. These range from laser therapy or radiotherapy to removing the tumor itself, in extreme cases, removing the eye, depending on the size, type and location of the tumor.

Learn more about eye tumors

Extensive information is available. This information is intended to inform you about the most important aspects of this eye condition and is not intended to replace the information one receives from the doctor or eye specialist.

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