Bridging the distance issue of viewing the Blackboard

May 22, 2013: Barrierbreak, Optelec's official distributor in India published a case study on Shubhi Shadiza's story. Shubhi is a student with low vision at the St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai. As a part of an experiment, a video magnifier was introduced to Shubhi. She explains her experiences.

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Get Sight, Give Sight! - The First Results

May 1, 2013: Four months have passed since Optelec announced the initiative Get Sight, Give Sight! In the following news, we are glad to bring you the latest updates on projects supported by the initiative.

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ClearView+ Speech: Now Available

April 1, 2013: The newest Optelec product, the ClearView+ Speech is an innovative solution to read your magazines, letters or newspapers.

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Compact 4 HD Shipping Starts Today

January 14, 2013: Today, Optelec is announcing the launch of the new Optelec electronic video magnifier, the Compact 4 HD.

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The Optelec Initiative Get Sight, Give Sight! Starts Today!

January 1, 2013: In Africa there are over 25 million people with vision loss. The vast majority of these people could be helped with adequate eye care service, if this would be available and affordable. With your support, Optelec will contribute to improve this situation.

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Get Sight, Give Sight! Starting Soon

December 18, 2012: In January, Optelec will start with the new initiative “Get sight, give sight!”. This initiative aims to help people in Africa to regain their sight.

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FarView No Longer Available

September 21, 2012: With the FarView being introduced in 2009, today Optelec will need to announce the end of the FarView success story.

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Now Available: Compact 7 HD

September 19, 2012: The Compact 7 HD is the latest addition to the Optelec Compact HD product family, combining portability with a large, 7-inch widescreen. The first production units of the new Optelec Compact 7 HD are now available.

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Ready For Shipping: The New ClearView+ 24-inch High Definition Monitor

June 21, 2012: Optelec announces the availability of the new ClearView+ 24-inch HD monitor. This special monitor completes the ClearView+ into a full High Definition video magnifier providing more overview and excellent image quality.

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