World Glaucoma Week 2014

Beat Invisible GlaucomaFrom the 9th until the 15th of March, the World Glaucoma Week takes place. This event is held every year to increase awareness about the eye disease glaucoma. 

Throughout the world, eye hospitals and organizations organize events to promote glaucoma awareness. BIG (Beat Invisible Glaucoma) Breakfasts are being held to share information and raise funds, you can get a check-up of your eyes at eye hospitals, or educate yourself and others at conferences.

Glaucoma is an eye condition in which the optic nerve is damaged, causing vision loss. It is a progressive condition, which almost always begins with a subtle loss of peripheral (side) vision. The main factor that leads to the damage of the optic nerve is elevated pressure in the eye. If not diagnosed and treated, glaucoma can progress to a loss of central vision and blindness.

Would you like to learn more about glaucoma and about what Optelec can do to help you? Visit our glaucoma page.

Don’t forget to check the activities of the organizations near you to see what they do during the World Glaucoma Week.


09 Mar, 2014

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