The Impact of Low Vision Aids on the Life of People with Vision Loss

ResearchMany studies have been conducted about eye conditions, how they affect people's lives and what their impact is on someone's lifestyle. As a result, we know a lot about the symptoms of eye conditions, the effects of medication and the psychosocial implications of living with a visual impairment. But what do we know about the effectiveness of aids developed for the visually impaired?

If you are familiar with low vision aids, you probably know the positive effects of these products. If you use a low vision aid yourself, you have probably also experienced these effects. For instance, reading becomes easier and takes less time, you can pick up your hobbies again, and you feel more confident and independent.

Only a few scientific studies have been conducted to confirm these experiences. These studies focus on desktop video magnifiers and on the effects of using such a product. They confirm the following:

  •  Reading performance largely improves when using a desktop video magnifier, compared to reading without one. Interestingly, some people with low vision can read faster than their normally sighted peers when using a desktop video magnifier (1).
  • It becomes easier to perform daily living tasks, such as reading, writing, doing administrative work, following schedules, keeping up with the news and performing creative and intellectual activities (1). 
  • After receiving a desktop video magnifier people with vision loss immediately experience substantial psychosocial benefits. For instance, they feel more confident, they are more willing to try new things and have higher self esteem (2).

Meeting our customers day after day, we know that assistive devices are effective in more than one way. Therefore, we will continue to make products that you can comfortably use, so you can get these positive effects and enjoy life to the fullest.


1: M.C. Burggraaff ( 2013), Effects of CCTV training in visually impaired patients. 
2: G. Strong (2003), The psychosocial impact of closed-circuit television low vision aids.

14 Jan, 2015

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