Optelec launches a wearable accessory that helps the legally blind and visually impaired to see

Image of the Compact 6 HD WearWith the Compact 6 HD Wear, people with severe low vision can enjoy wearable, hands-free magnification and text-to-speech, allowing users to live life to the fullest.

Barendrecht, the Netherlands and Clearwater, United States (September 24, 2018) – Optelec today officially announced the launch of a wearable, head-mounted accessory that helps the legally blind and visually impaired to see. The ground-breaking and affordable accessory can be used with the Compact 6 HD video magnifiers and allows users to choose at any given time if they want to use the handheld Compact 6 HD, or keep their hands free with the Wear.

The Compact 6 HD Wear is the latest addition to the Compact 6 HD product line. In the last year, the handheld electronic video magnifiers Compact 6 HD and Compact 6 HD Speech were introduced. The Wear adds value and versatility to the functionalities of these solutions by adding the possibility of using the unit hands-free.  By locking a Compact 6 HD into the Wear, users can enjoy the same functionalities in a wearable design, allowing users to keep their hands free to engage in activities they couldn’t perform while holding a magnifier – like writing, cooking and hobbies – or enjoy ultimate relaxation when watching television or a movie.

But it doesn’t stop with magnification. When locked into the Compact 6 HD Speech, users that are legally blind or severely visually impaired can enjoy the benefits of integrated, hands-free text-to-speech. Instead of struggling to read texts, users can simply take a snapshot of any text and listen as it is read aloud. This dramatically improves the reading experience and brings back the joy of reading.

The Compact 6 HD Wear is by far the most affordable wearable low vision solution currently available in the market. This allows the legally blind and visually impaired to enjoy the benefits of a wearable device at a fraction of the cost of other wearable solutions currently being offered.

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24 Sep, 2018

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