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In Africa there are over 25 million people with vision loss. The vast majority of these people could be helped with adequate eye care service, if this would be available and affordable.

With your support, Optelec will contribute to improve this situation. In the first half of 2013, Optelec will donate a percentage of gross profit of its video magnifiers to sponsor Focus on Vision. The foundation Focus on Vision facilitates eye screenings in developing countries and provides people with self-adjustable Focusspecs® glasses.


Help people get back their sight!

When buying an Optelec video magnifier in the period from January to July 2013, you help to provide eye tests and self-adjustable glasses for people in Africa.


Read the stories of people whose lives improved thanks to the Focusspec® glasses:
- Kauthar’s story from Kenya
- Selasi’s story from Ghana
- Isatu’s story from Kenya
- Maluum’s story from Kenya
- Jafari’s story from South Africa

To read more about the foundation Focus on Vision, visit

Some interesting facts

  • In Western countries around 50% of the population wears glasses. This percentage in Africa is only 5 although the percentage of people who would need vision correction is even higher.
  • In Europe there are one eye doctor per 20.000 people, in the U.S. one eye doctor per 25.000 people. In Africa there are significantly less educated eye specialist, approximately one per 1 million people.
  • To provide people with regular glasses specialists are needed. On a traditional eye camp the sight of around 20 people per day can be examined and helped requiring the work of four to five specialists. Focus on Vision's experience shows that someone who is trained to do eye exams with Focusspec® glasses can help up to 150 people a day.

Video magnifiers taking part in the initiative: 

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01 Jan, 2013

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