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Thanks to Get Sight, Give Sight!, many Focusspec glasses were produced and distributed to people who otherwise would not have the chance to seek help from an optician. Before Optelec embarked on this initiative, Michiel van Schaik,Optelec's CEO travelled to Uganda and together with charity respesentators visited the small town Mubende. There, he experienced in person the positive impact of development projects which support and train locals on a interpersonal level. He describes:

"Even a little help can have an enormous impact on the life of these mainly agricultural communities. By giving the knowledge and means to develop themselves, these people are really motivated to move their community forward.

The woman on the photo was doing the bookkeeping for local farmers. She did not even noticed but she was encumbered in her job by her bad vision. When she first tried on a pair of Focusspec glasses, she was surprised how sharply she saw the numbers. As far as I know, she is still wearing it every day.

Her story is one of the reasons why we at Optelec decided to join efforts with Focus on Vision. It demonstrates that the Focusspec glasses improve the quality of life of people just as much as the Optelec products do."

Get Sight, Give Sight!


01 Jun, 2013

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