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Designed for users with low vision, the Compact 4 HD is a stylish, high definition magnifier in a convenient size. This unique product with a special soft touch finish combines all the benefits of hand and dome magnifiers in a single design.

• 2 in 1: in combination with the detachable reading stand the Compact 4 HD is easy to grip, sliding effortlessly over letters, books, magazines and photographs just like a dome magnifier. When out and about, take it off the stand and carry in your pocket or handbag. The Compact 4 HD becomes a handheld, lightweight and slim-line magnifier for use on the go.

• Superior image quality thanks to the High Definition auto-focus camera technology, innovative lighting concept and a generous size 4.3-inch widescreen.

• Detachable magnetic stand with a special soft touch finish, ensuring a comfortable grip for intuitive use, optimal reading angle and ultra-sharp images by eliminating external light influences.

Visit the product page for more information and specifications.

14 Jan, 2013

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