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Reading a newspaper

Reading the newspaper is often more challenging. The newspaper has poor contrast, so a magnifying glass or magnifying lamp is often not sufficient. In addition, the size of the newspaper on some devices requires users to fold it to place it properly under the camera.

The Traveller is ideal for the newspaper (and other plain texts). This is because it has a large screen. It also has a roller and sliding mechanism so that it requires little force to move it. In addition, the viewing angle is very pleasant and you can read in a natural way. The magnification can be adjusted continuously and there is a colour mode and various contrast modes.

With the Compact 10 HD, newpapers can also be read well. The ClearView C has the largest screen (24″). With this model there is no support at the back so that the newspaper also has sufficient space. However, with the ClearView C is more practical to fold the newspaper to reduce the need to slide to the desired article. If reading is tiring, you can also opt for the ClearView C Speech with reading function. With these tools you can read the newspaper with ease again.

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