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Read at home

Reading at home includes products that allow you to read at a fixed location or somewhere in the house. This involves reading a book, the mail, newspaper or looking at something, for example the thermostat or something in the pantry.

A magnifying glass works quickly and is handy. But at higher magnification the lens becomes smaller, so reading something briefly is what the magnifying glass can be used for. When reading longer texts in different places, the electronic hand magnifier with adjustable magnification and contrast, such as the Compact 7 HD makes reading more pleasant. There are also variants that have a larger screen and are still mobile, such as the Compact-10-HD.

Reading larger texts in a fixed place is best done with a video magnifier and if reading is tiring, the Clearview C 24″ is a great solution. The Clearview-C-Speech will also read aloud.

A list of products