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1975 Mr. F.J. Tieman developed the first video magnifier for a customer who could no longer see with only glasses. This magnifier became so popular, that the first series of Tieman video magnifiers was launched.

1985 Tieman obtained the first patent on refreshable Braille cell technology, hereby establishing Tieman as the market’s major Braille cell supplier.

1989 The first international office was opened in Schwalmstadt, Germany.

1997 Optelec USA and Optelec Canada were acquired. In the years following offices were also opened in Belgium and the United Kingdom and an extensive dealer network was built up, ensuring a global presence and manifesting Optelec as an international company.

2005 Tieman changed its name to Optelec and acquired the business of the ALVA Braille displays. The ClearView+ desktop video magnifier was introduced. The slogan “from one button simplicity to endless possibilities” was introduced, reflecting the flexibility and ease of use of the company’s product range.

2007 Optelec opened a new office in Barendrecht, the Netherlands, which also houses the company’s headquarters.

2010 Optelec started a new product category with Speech products that read printed texts aloud. The ClearReader+ audio text reader, has won many awards and acknowledgements for its innovativeness.

2011 Optelec introduced a line of High Definition portable video magnifiers: the Compact HD series.

2014 Optelec reinvented the ClearView+ and introduced the ClearView C: a new desktop video magnifier with a revolutionary design.

2015 Optelec and Freedom Scientific merge to create the world’s largest assistive technology provider for the visually impaired: Vispero. Optelec continues to exist as a brand. 


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