Customizable setup

You can customize your ClearView C according to your own needs and upgrade your it with several other modules. Anything is possible.

Customize it!
If you want to use your ClearView C in different ways, you can easily customize your unit. Use the Control Pad with the basic or advanced options, switch between the regular Compact or wide Comfort setup and choose between the regular Compact or large Comfort reading table.

Upgrade it!
Would you like to upgrade your ClearView C? Choose the large monitor instead of the regular monitor, upgrade from a Standard to a High Definition Camera, or add Speech functions.

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Do you have low vision and would you like to try the ClearView C yourself? No problem. Thanks to our worldwide distribution network, you have the possibility to request a demonstration in your own home.

Would you like to find out more about the ClearView C? Visit the online product page to browse photos, watch videos, discover the product specifications, or buy the ClearView C online.


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