Unlike other desktop video magnifiers, the ClearView C does not have a stand on the back. Instead, it has a C-shaped arm on the left. Because there is no blocking stand at the back, you have much more working space and freedom to move the reading table around. 

There is more space above the reading table. You do not have to fold pages anymore, you can just flick through your books, magazines and newspapers without any problems.
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You have more room for doing hobbies and craftwork. Do you need even more space? Simply pull out the C-shaped arm for more space to the left of the reading table, or choose the larger Comfort reading table.
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Instead of pulling the reading table towards you when you are navigating through a document, you can push the reading table away from you. You will no longer pull it into your stomach when you navigate to the top of the document.
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The buttons of the control pad will not be covered by the documents you are reading anymore.  If you want to read a large document, simply take the control pad out of the reading table. Place it on top of the document or hold it in your hands and continue to use the magnification and contrast buttons while reading. 
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Do you have low vision and would you like to try the ClearView C yourself? No problem. Thanks to our worldwide distribution network, you have the possibility to request a demonstration in your own home.

Would you like to find out more about the ClearView C? Visit the online product page to browse photos, watch videos, discover the product specifications, or buy the ClearView C online.

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